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A musician from a young age, Anthony Rucker, a.k.a. "Da Bass Man" chose to play the bass guitar in order to be just like his older brother.  Soon after he choose the bass as his main instrument, he formed his own R&B/Funk band, The Soul Formula Band.  Soul Formula was a popular R&B Funk band in the 70's and 80's in the Washington area venues for more than 10 years. Currently, Anthony has a few irons in the fire. 

He can be found playing with a local gospel project for Amazing Grace Ministries Praise Team. While wearing his signature Funk Hats, he was keeping it funky with the late blues legend Bobby Parker and the Blues Night Band on a national level before Bobby's passing.  And most recently he can be found combining the funk with the blues with the First Lady of DC Blues, Stacy Brooks.

X-FACTOR decided it was time for a change...  

The DMV needed a different sound.. But what should we do... 

After much deliberation, the direction SUDDENLY became clear... We need a power packed, soulful, gritty voice . . . To accomplish this  WE MUST HEAD WEST . . . AYLA WEST... By adding the voice of AYLA WEST to one of the best vocal bands in the DMV, which is led by male vocalist DUANE “THE BISHOP” NELSON, would create a combination that is assured to bring audiences to their feet…….


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 X-FACTOR band delivers an authentic, polished funk and soul sound. For almost a decade, fellow DC  natives Don Theo. (guitar & vocal) and Anthony B. Rucker. (bass guitar) have been putting the "R" and "B" in rhythm and blues, after an impromptu jam session several years ago. From that session they knew they had something special, and shortly after created X-FACTOR!

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