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Every now and then a music group comes along that defies definition,  category and convention; a group that has... the X-FACTOR.

Signaling the return to the "Era of Great Bands",  X-FACTOR puts a refreshing spin on classic funk, soul and R&B with an impressive repertoire of songs from some of the greatest artists of our time.

Drawing from these influences, the band has crafted original songs that showcase their background and experience without sounding like another pop music cliché. X-FACTOR is driven by the rock-solid pulse of Anthony 'DaBassman' Rucker on bass and  vocals and David 'Eckie' Mullins kicking drums like nobody's business.   With Auturo Evans on keyboards and vocals and Don Theo on guitar/synth and vocals, they produce a wall of sound that outweighs their numbers, while up front, Duane Nelson  evokes emotion and response from audiences with their soaring vocals.

X-FACTOR has created a buzz around the metro-DC area playing intimate clubs, charity benefits and corporate events. Their ballads take you on a romantic journey while their funky dance tunes dare you to stand still.  They made a big entrance on the music scene with their very first gig, opening for R&B stars THE BROTHERS JOHNSON, SWITCH, THE MARY JANE GIRLS and NEW BIRTH at the Maryland Music Festival at Showplace Arena.  The enthusiastic crowd gave X-FACTOR a standing ovation and shouted for more as they excited the stage.

X-FACTOR's strength is their ability to infuse songs, old and new, with a uniqueness that makes even the classic sound fresh and original.  One can sense that every note, every beat is from the heart.  It's this passion that conveys to the audience, pulling them further into the musical seduction with each song.

Each X-FACTOR performance is an event that leaves their audience hungry for more, anticipating the band's  next appearance. 

So the next time a friend asks, "Where's the party at?"... keep searching until you find the X-FACTOR.