Every now and then a music group comes along that defies definition, category and convention; a group that has that certain something.   The X-Factor. Armed with a vast amount of talent and experience, X-Factor signals the return of the era of great bands.  With an eclectic repertoire of songs from some of the greatest artists of our time, X-Factor puts a refreshing spin on classic R&B, funk and rock.  Drawing from these influences to create their own sound, the band has put together original songs that showcase their background and experience without sounding like every other wannabe pop cliché.

Anchored by leader of the Soul Formula Band that headlined the major venues of the DC-metro area during the ‘80s, X-Factor is fronted by two vocalists that complement each other harmonically, and is backed by a grinding four-piece rhythm section.  Driven by the rock-solid pulse of  Adam “TC” Morton on drums, Anthony B. Rucker on bass, Auturo Evans on keyboards and Don Theo on guitar, the group produce a wall of sound that is much bigger than their numbers. 

On the front line, Anna Entzminger and Marcus Scott weave a tapestry of vocal harmony that evokes emotion and response from the listener.  Their sexy ballads take you on a romantic journey while their funky dance tunes dare you to stand still.  During a recent engagement, toe-tapping audience members soon found themselves neck- peckin’ to the infectious grooves that had them up out of their seats.


214 Jackson Ave Ft Myer, VA

Doors open at 6:00pm



 Howard Theater, Washington, DC

6:00pm - 10:00pm


Bowie Town Ctr      

Bowie Md.


X-Factor Band


Patton Hall

Private Event (Cook-Out)

Bowie, MD.


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Covenant House Gala

Wedding Reception

Four Seasons Hotel, Balt. MD



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Bowie Town Ctr      

Bowie Md.